Accountability, we all need it.

This blog was created for the purpose of holding myself accountable to my dreams and goals. This page will tell the story of my journey, with every chapter being a new goal to achieve. It’s easy to say that you want to do something, anything, but the hard part is actually following through with your promise. Likewise, it’s easy to make and break a promise to yourself, but when you involve others, it becomes a commitment. That’s why I want to involve all of my readers in this journey of identity and self-love.

I often find myself sitting for hours planning my workout schedule or healthy eating choices for the week but when the end of the week comes I haven’t done a single jumping jack or eaten a single morsel of something green and healthy. This is a problem because health is extremely important and not just to your livelihood; they also play an important role in achieving academic and career goals. Eating healthier is great for clearer thinking and decision making. Physical fitness releases endorphins into your brain that have a positive effect on mood, thus improving mental health.

Want to hear something funny? I probably have spent days upon days researching the perfect diet and the perfect exercise routines for a healthy lifestyle. I’ve learned all this information and all it does is just sit in my brain. Want to hear something else that’s really funny? I dream often about having the body and energy I use to have in high school and in the time I’ve spent dreaming about it when I wake up early in the morning, I probably could have gotten up and starting putting action behind those dreams by working out or something.

…Basically, I’m done dreaming and I’m ready to start doing something about it. If this sounds like you or you have a goal you would like to accomplish as well, please feel free to chime in and share your opinion/growth in the comments section of these posts. Let’s grow together!

Every time I complete a goal, I will start a new chapter of accountability. The first chapter will be on my first two goals that I think are important to accomplish if I want to build a solid foundation for self-love. Below are a list of 6 long-term goals I have. Underneath them are the short term goals I will focus on to accomplish them. I will choose to devote my time and attention to two short term goals over the next 2 months.

  1. Become spiritually connected with God
    1. Consistent prayer & devotion
    2. Greater understanding & sense of purpose
    3. A desire for God’s will, not my own
    4. Allowing God’s love to be all the love I need
  2. Live a healthier lifestyle
    1. Healthier eating (i.e. making better choices at each meal, meal preparation)
    2. Being more active, i.e. working out daily
    3. Drinking more water daily (i.e. Half my body weight plus or minus 10L)
    4. Keeping good hygiene consistently (i.e. pampering self, beauty)
    5. Improved mental health (i.e. less stress through meditation, singing as a coping mechanism)
  3. Become accomplished in my career
    1. Challenging myself academically (i.e. reading/learning for leisure)
    2. Choosing a career path (i.e. licensed clinical social worker or licensed psychiatrist?) in order to begin the application process for my Master’s in Social Work OR for a pre-professional health post-baccalaureate program then medical school
    3. Creating a few successful businesses with whichever license I receive
    4. Real estate investment
  4. Become an independent individual
    1. Home ownership
  5. Become financially free : Place myself in a position where neither I nor my future family ever has to struggle financially again.
    1. Wisely managing my finances (i.e. saving, investing)
    2. Freedom from debt
  6. Further develop creative talents
    1. Singing and songwriting
    2. Learning to play an instrument or two (i.e. piano and guitar)
    3. Learning how to code
    4. Maintaining a blog and social media presence

Since God is and always will be my foundation for living, my first goal is consistent prayer and devotion time. My second goal will be working out daily for increased energy, since I will need extra energy to complete all of these goals. I decided to add a third and final goal for this 2 month period since this alone is a huge factor in weight loss and that is healthier meal choices.

What goals are you hoping to accomplish? How will accountability help you accomplish these goals?

Stay up to date with my progress here.

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